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How to choose the Right Floss– Dentist Roswell GA- Sunshine Smiles Dentistry
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Regular toothbrushing can make your teeth sparkle - but is it enough? Plaque is a sticky layer that adheres to tooth surfaces and causes dental decay if it is not removed. Toothbrushing removes oral biofilms or plaque developing on the visible surfaces of the teeth. However, a toothbrush alone is ineffective in flushing out microorganisms, and organic matter stuck in between your teeth.
Per Dr Sachdeva of Sunshine Smiles Dentistry, dentist roswell ga, Dental floss is a very effective solution to get rid of organic matter and bacteria that stick to tooth surfaces in contact with each other, or the inter-dental spaces. Dental flossing helps to remove plaque, and food particles lodged in between teeth.

Benefits of Dental Flossing
A string of dental floss is an interdental aid, or it helps clean interdental spaces that are difficult to access by only a toothbrush. Some of the benefits of regular flossing are:
o    Reduces gum disease
o    Helps prevent interdental tooth decay
o    Polishes interdental tooth surfaces
o    Keeps mouth odor at bay

Types of Dental Floss
There are different types of Dental Floss available:
1. Composition of Floss
Floss is usually made of an ultra-thin thread of nylon. Historically, a thin filament of silk was used for flossing. A section of dental floss is wrapped around the fingers and drawn across the inter-dental spaces in a back-and-forth motion to remove plaque. These days PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene is also used to make floss.

2.Waxed and Unwaxed Dental Floss
Waxed floss is coated with a layer of wax, and unwaxed floss lacks the wax coating.

3. Flavored and Non-flavored Dental Floss
Flavored floss has added ingredients to give the floss a refreshing taste such as cinnamon or mint. Non-flavored floss is bland to taste.

4. Shape and Size of Dental Floss
Dental floss is available in different forms such as round, stiff-ended, or flat and is used as per a dentist’s recommendation. Dental tape is more broad and flat as compared to regular dental floss. Floss is also available in a single of multi-filamented thickness.

5. Newer Floss Technology
Super floss is one of the more unique types of floss that has a spongy floss, pre-cut strands, and a stiffened end to help remove plaque more effectively. Water flossing uses a thin spray of water to push out oral debris from in between the teeth. It is an electric device and helps improve access to difficult-to-reach areas of the teeth.

Choosing the Right Dental Floss
Every person has a different alignment of teeth. Accordingly, the dental needs vary from person to person. The dental floss that is right for your teeth may be completely different from the one your friend or neighbor uses.

You can make a customized choice for your unique dentition by considering a few factors, such as:
1. Tight Tooth Contact
If you have teeth with close contacts, or with very little or no space in between adjacent teeth, a piece of waxed dental floss may be suitable for you. Waxed floss slips between tightly wedged teeth to allow easy flossing. A flat-shaped, single-filamented or spongy floss may also help in flossing close tooth contacts.

2. Gaps Between Teeth
If your teeth are spaced out or have gaps between them, multi-filamented or thick flosses are better suited for your needs.

3. Dental Bridge or Braces
If you have had dental bridge placed or are currently wearing braces, dental flossing can be slightly more complicated. Using a super floss or a threader with the dental tape can make flossing more convenient and effective around bridges or braces.

4. Personal Preferences
If you prefer a fresh taste in your mouth, you can opt for a mint-flavored floss or any other flavor. Dental flossing is also easier with pre-cut strands that you don’t have to measure out each time.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to choosing the right dental floss. Visit the cosmetic dentist in Roswell GA, Sunshine Smiles Dentistry for expert dental guidance and make the right choice today!


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